I-PATROL Surveillance Feed 0003.mp4

Initial test of a mobile surveillance camera mounted on a vehicle using the internet to stream footages. We are aware of the quality of the images and our R&D is on-going for this type application. Objective is to simultaneously stream real-time footages from a moving vehicle AND record footages from a remote location AND record on onboard nvrs – on limited bandwidth (from 128kbps to 384kbps). -IP Surveillance Camera mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle -Camera is connected to a cellular router. -Footage was recorded on a remote computer. -Real-time feeds can be simultaneously be accessed from other remote computers. – Configuration/settings and other technical details are still being explored to arrive at the optimum settings We have successful tested this technology with our equipment on traffic surveillance cameras using VIVOTEK cameras, video conferencing using TANDBERG VC equipment, LED displays (electronic billboards) among others If you wish to contribute or have questions please email us at strategic.solutions.ph@gmail.com

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