Why there is no security on my college campus?

I am in a community college and I barely see any police or security in my campus. I have been to other college before and I also did not see any security or police on campus. Does the high tuition cannot pay for security or police?
eventhough it’s a community college, a crazy guy with a gun could come and shoot everyone.

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9 Responses to “Why there is no security on my college campus?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    tuition is a big part of it. also, no one lives at a community college, so the likelihood of murder drops significantly

    most campuses have security forces.that are pretty substantial


    a crazy guy with a gun could come and shoot everyone *anywhere* — and we’re not a police state… for good reason.
    there has been approx one school shooting in all high schools and colleges in america ONCE for every 12 million days of school in the last 12 years…
    it’s not likely and doesn’t warrant the expenditure or lack of freedom it would require

  2. John Scott Says:

    because its a small campus! mine only has on police

  3. John Scott Says:

    Long before you were born, college students fought to keep the police off the campus. See what happens when you wish for something.

  4. John Scott Says:

    You should bring that up with the dean.

  5. John Scott Says:

    i guess colleges assume that people are only there to learn and wont go crazy and being a shooting spree. this is an assumption which yesterday i guess proved wrong for one place. ultimately they probably say the chance is so low that it will happen…it does but it doesnt happen often enough for them i guess to hire many campus police and spend money on them.

  6. John Scott Says:

    I attend a small community college in Northwest Ohio and we have about 3 student wanna’be cops that “patrol” the campus and give parking tickets. I wouldn’t put my safety in their hands by any means!

  7. John Scott Says:

    There is no guarantee of safety in the world. A person with a gun could come into the grocery store, gym, church, movie theater etc etc etc

    Would you like to have metal detectors and police at every doorway in your college? Probably not.

  8. John Scott Says:

    There needn’t be unless a threat exists.

    IF we sacrifice freedom for security based on government security we have neither security or freedom

    Security in a free society is based on your willingness to secure yourself. If you turn it over to government you create a police state.

    Personally I prefer being responsible for my own security,.

  9. John Scott Says:

    my college didnt have much security either, and the ones they did have were not trained properly and made close to minimum wage. tuition for my college was low, and you got pretty good education from it. however, you had to sacrifice many things; like decent campus police. i used to do secretarial work for the public safety department. i can honestly tell you they would not be prepared for an incident similar to the VT disaster. the only thing they really knew how to do was write parking tickets and call the police when they found a trash can on fire.

    you know what the sad thing is though? one student was being harassed and stalked by someone. he slashed her tires and left a dead fish in the office she worked at for work study. he left her death threats and spray painted threatening messages all over her car. when a security officer stepped up and tried to do something about it, by asking her to park near his office so he could monitor her car and to keep an eye on her, he was scolded by the dean and was told to stop wasting resources. its all about money.

    i would hope that a college/university would use their huge tuition costs for better security, but its probably used on something else. maybe what happened at VT would be an eyeopener for everyone. i’m not saying to put everything on lock down, but something must be done.


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