Who is the best LOCAL burglar alarm monitoring service in the Atlanta Area?

I am interested in buying my own system and having it monitored, or use a low priced service without buying my own alarm. I live in a home with four outside entrances and several windows on the ground floor. Also, what special features would you recommend? I have heard that the glass breaking alarms may be unreliable.

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2 Responses to “Who is the best LOCAL burglar alarm monitoring service in the Atlanta Area?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    Here are a few things to keep in mind that I learned from security system consulting.com

    They have alarm monitoring from $15.99 a month for systems you buy and $24.99 for so called “free” systems

    Whether you buy a security system out of pocket or get a “free” system, make sure it isn’t a proprietary system. In other words you should be able to have anyone you want to monitor it down the road.

    The reason I say this is that many of the “free” systems like
    ADT, Brinks etc provide you with their own proprietary equipment. No one else can monitor it EXCEPT THEM. This means later on if you want to change companies you will have to buy a new motherboard and new keypads. This could run $200-$300 easy.

    Good Options:

    1- Cellular back up unit. This is in case a burgler cuts your phone line or the phone goes out to to an ice storm.
    2- Motion sensors are great to protect basements and the inside of your home. If you have small pets I would suggest getting a pet- motion detector. They do not suggest using these if your animal is larger or likes to jump.
    3- Glass break sensors work great if they are situated properly. They only protect window glass within 20 feet of unobstructed view. So you may need more than 1 per room.

    Hope this is helpful

  2. John Scott Says:

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