Sentex System security door system?

How may I reset the access code for a sentex system operating the main door of my apartment building as too many have knowledge of the security code
I have just taken over the building and there are no records to operate the key code access system. Sentex Inc. advised they only repair!

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2 Responses to “Sentex System security door system?”

  1. Live♥Your♥Life Says:

    Do you know the current code? If so, it’s probably the master (hopefully the master).

    You can change the code from your keypad. I’ve never heard of nor can I find anything online regarding “Sentex” systems. Do you know where the security panel is located (not the keypad)? If so, we can determine from there what type of panel you have and what steps you need to make to change the code. E-mail from my profile page wether you know where the panel is or not. 🙂

  2. blacky2585 Says:

    you need to talk to the caretaker or apartment owner for assistance


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