Bad Girl murders kidnap victim, Bad Girl 2 in gunshop

A bonkers take on films like Carrie, and Heathers, this sequence sees two college girls (Amy Kelly and Jennifer Dreiling) have to deal with a teacher theyve kidnapped the man doesnt want to stay, but doesnt think that theyve got the guts to pull the trigger (can anyone see where he went wrong here?). After that, the films other psycho-college girl Brooke Balderson visits a gun shop to buy a cache of weapons and of course leaves without paying. Gun Shop Owner has got to be the riskiest occupation in these films next to security guard For more clips about femme fatale figures, visit: For discussion, stories and photos, visit:

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One Response to “Bad Girl murders kidnap victim, Bad Girl 2 in gunshop”

  1. John Scott Says:

    From the film “I’ve Been Watching You II: Prom Night”


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