Tips for college drivers

imageSo many things have changed … The College – bound teen students’ set of today seems to include only a debit card, laptop, TV with a DVD player, and a cell phone. Of course, you may think your child is different but is he really? Will he be able to keep up with the responsibility of driving on campus? You may reply: “Oh please, surely he is ready. He has been cruising around the town with his friends”. Yes, it can be so … But think about it for a second – he is driving around the unknown city, this is the territory totally unfamiliar to him. And this means – lots of pedestrians, multiple distractions and various destinations.Here is some helpful advice on how to make sure your teen is safe on the road away from home:Car CheckOne should always check you kid’s car before he leaves for school. There might be little details to every single “insignificant “feature of the car.  Start with headlights, oil level and tires.Have a Car Accident KitA car accident kit is as necessary as oil in the car. There should be the following things included in it: first aid kit, blanket, flares, flashlight, batteries, jumper cables, pen, paper, emergency contact numbers and proof of insurance.Locate the EssentialsParents should take their teen for a drive around the college. He must know his way to the local supermarket, gas station and different malls in case he needs to buy something. The child should feel free to be the main person of his life without having to call his family and ask them where to purchase this or that product he needs.Parking on CampusA good parent will also show his child how to park the car. Most kids do get it wrong and make some basic mistakes. In order to avoid this parents should cruise around the area with their child, showing him how to do it right and letting him to practice parking. It is important to give your teen some tips on how to park under a light, avoid overgrown areas, park close to the street or bus stop and be aware of your surroundings.Campus Driving ConditionsDriving in a new environment can often catch even the best drivers off guard. That’s why it’s important for college students to drive cautiously and remain alert in every situation on the road.PedestriansPedestrians are the main obstacle on the roads in the campus area. Your kid should always know the rules of a crosswalk and all corners.Car TheftYour child should know to lock the car while he is away. Don’t let him leave valuable things inside, especially with an open window.Don’t Drink While DrivingDrinking is not permitted while driving. Consuming alcohol is illegal before 21. Breaking this rule may lead to some serious consequences. Insuring your College StudentIf your child wants to you’re your car while he is at college, you should take the responsibility of informing your car insurance company about this fact. The rate for this matter may range and can go down as well as up.So these have been the most important notes to remember when you are about to welcome your child to an adult life. He must feel secure in his car, protected and out of danger. Car is not a toy and keeping your child and the car safe are two major priorities on the road.
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