Did you know the OK has come up with an alternative fuel?

They proved it works, 4 times better than corn ethanol.
It is made with abundant native grasses and the research has been done and it works. The OK gov. Conference on biofuels Oct.3-4, 2006 at the university of OK in Norman. James Woolsey former CIA director will address the relationship between national security and dependence on foreign oil? We have it let’s make it known. Don’t let the oil companys rule. Make us belief they are God”s we can’t live with out.
or call 800-203-5494

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7 Responses to “Did you know the OK has come up with an alternative fuel?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    Ok if you say so.

  2. John Scott Says:

    No. That’s pretty cool. Can you email the link to that article, please? I might use it for my nonfiction article on alternative fuels.

  3. John Scott Says:

    You must be talking about switchgrass. switchgrass is the best known crop for producing ethanol. one acre of switchgrass will produce about 1000 gallons of ethanol which is 3 times better than corn. It would take farmland the size of the state of Mississippi to produce enough ethanol for a one year supply at current consuption levels and thats a 50% ethanol/gasoline blend.

  4. John Scott Says:

    I haven’t heard of it, but I believe it. It’s probably not a new idea, though, Brazil is almost 100% oil free. All cars sold now use only alternative fuels.

    It is ridiculous that we have not taxed gas guzzling cars. To have a hummer on the road without extra taxation on it is so incredibly stupid and disgusting that it makes me sick.


  5. John Scott Says:

    you smoke’n some now?

  6. John Scott Says:

    Very interesting!

  7. John Scott Says:

    the tax on gas,petrol,diesel, does penanalise gas guzzling cars, hence the switch and drive for more fuel efficient cars.

    What ever alternative source is produce the hugh multi national oil companies are going to try and stop or aquire so they do not loose their vast profits!

    Crops for fuel may well be the saving grace of farmers around the world.


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