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imageDATELINE:  BOSTON AND NORTH ATTLEBORO… Law Enforcement Security Consulting (LESC), headquartered in North Attleboro and serving communities, institutions and private enterprise throughout New England, has recently established a Homeland Security Division. 

All programs are led by Fred T. Leland, the company’s director who is also an active Lieutenant with the Walpole Police Department and a former U.S. Marine with more than 28 years of experience teaching law enforcement and security professionals.  His article “Recognizing the Signs and Signals of Crime and Danger” was recently published in Homeland Security Report 188, which is an information source for law enforcement, intelligence, security and emergency management personnel. The new division is designed specifically to train law enforcement and security professionals to identify threats and develop strategies and tactics needed to detect, prevent, avoid, defuse and resolve conflict with regard to Homeland Security.  Trainees learn to recognize the signs and signals of crime and danger as well as the appropriate response and action to take. 

Among the programs offered through the Homeland Security division are:

Threat Assessment, which utilizes the Boyd Cycle to teach risk assessment along with how to use observation, orientation, decision and action to minimize risk. Terrorism Awareness trains law enforcement and security personnel how to recognize indicators of terrorism and criminal extremism; gather meaningful intelligence and how to follow-up. Response to Suicide and/or Terrorist Bombings trains personnel in the warning signs/key indicators of an impending attack as well as the proper and safe steps to minimize injuries and fatalities.                 Critical Incident Management teaches all about the Incident Command System to improve tactical response to emergencies. Use of Force teaches how to control rapidly-changing circumstances during a threatening encounter through the effective application of force.                                                                                                                                     “Our primary focus is on developing law enforcement and security personnel’s situational awareness, threat assessment and decision making abilities under pressure.  It is imperative that they know how to identify, control and defuse violent or dangerous situations,” noted Leland.                                             LESC is contracted by private security companies as well as the Federal Protective Service, Department of Homeland Security. To learn more about LESC Homeland Security Division and programs, contact (508) 298-2023. About LESC Founded in 2006 by Fred T. Leland Jr., a Lieutenant with the Walpole Police Department, Law Enforcement Security Consulting (LESC) trains law enforcement and security personnel in strategy and tactics for identifying and handling dynamic encounters.  LESC training was built upon the Boyd Cycle, which is a tactical decision making process capable of enhancing the skills of law enforcement officers and security professionals as established by U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd.  LESC programs of instruction include:  Strategy and Tactics for Handling Dynamic Encounters; Level 1 and 2 Tactical Security Officers Training; Terrorism Awareness; Response to Suicide and/or Terrorist Bombings; Use of Force; Critical Incident Management; Threat Assessment & Management Model for Protection Professional and One & Two-Man Tactical Response.                                     LESC has provided services to United States Military Academy West Point; the Massachusetts Army National Guard; Bridgewater State College Police Department; Bentley College Police Department; Williams College Campus Safety and Security; UMASS Memorial Hospital Police Department and Hospital Security; Park Plaza Hotel Security, Boston; Merrimack Valley Financial Crime Network 2008 Bank Security Workshop and many others. The company is headquartered at 473 High Street in North Attleboro.  For more information, contact (508) 298-2023 or visit the website at

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