Installing Security & Home Automation Equipment through Camera Installation & Motion Sensors Camera Install, Motion Sensors We provide the best surveillance systems for your home and office; which includes high resolution IP, bullet, and dome cameras and even motion sensors which give protection and safety in every condition. All the information on camera installation, setting up motion sensors, door sensors, entry keypads and configuring the security systems is available with us. We are also the distributors for all home security products. Remember, we want you safe. Camera Install, Motion Sensors To know more details call us today at 714- 424-6500 or visit our website at

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3 Responses to “Installing Security & Home Automation Equipment through Camera Installation & Motion Sensors”

  1. John Scott Says:

    Hey Steve, your Milwaukee drill’s batteries are recalled…. contact them and they will send you new ones.

  2. John Scott Says:

    dam stucco crew

  3. John Scott Says:

    Upss that guy place the aurora motion detector head down


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