How to Boost Up the Wireless Bandwidth for Your Wireless Internet Camera

imageI am currently using DSL Router with 802.11N network. So is my notebook. My notebook is using the Wireless-N adapter as the notebook’s build-in wireless adapter comes with 802.11g standard. I have been looking around to get a wireless internet camera with 802.11N network. The purpose is to maximise the bandwidth for my wireless internet camera without any lagging of the video signal. However,currently, on the market, it seems that there is no 802.11N standard wireless internet camera available yet as far as I am concerned. Most of the internet camera comes with wireless or wired R45 network connection and are in 802.11b or 802.11g network. I have checked with the Dlink,,Linksys and other distributor and find that there is no offer for 802.11N. SInce I needed the wireless internet camera urgently, I have no other alternative but to purchase the wireless internet camera with 802.11g standard. I have purchased the Linksys WVC200 Wireless -G PTZ internet camera as showed above. To know more about this product,Click here. This camera provides both wireless and wired network connection. It has high quality video,flexible control remotely with Pan, tilt , and zoom. It works terrific.The price is also quite competitive. There is not much of video lagging when you control the internet camera remotely from outside of your office provided the camera is connected in the wired network to your router by mean of R45 cable. However, if you connects the internet camera to the router wirelessly, and you try to control the wireless camera remotely outside from office, there seems to be some video lagging problem. The reason why I need to do this is due to my router is not in the same room as the wireless internet camera.Moreover, the room where the wireless camera is doesn’t have the network point (Rj45 socket). I knew there is no much I could do as there is a limitation of the 802.11g network. It can only achieve a maximum throughput of 54 Mbytes wirelessly no method how good tuning you can do with the camera resolution and other features. However, desperately to solve this video lagging’s probem, i checked in the market to see if there is any gadgets that could help to solve this issue. Then I came cross a product called HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapter from Shiro which eventually solve my problem. It boost up my wireless internet camera signal up to 200 Mbytes which resolve the lagging problem. This adapter also save you the hassle of the physical network wiring. It can also be use to connect between any network devices ie. printer server,wireless game adapter, wireless camera etc to the router wirelessly. The adapters work in a pairs.Let assume that the wireless router is in room A and the wireless camera is in room B. In room A, you will connect one end of the adapter1 to the power source. From the adapter1, link its network connector (using RJ45 cable) to one of your router port.From room B, do the same thing, connect the adapter2 to the power source.From adapter2, link its network connector (using RJ45 cable) to the wireless internet camera. The adapter is not strictly to be used for router only.Basically, you can connect remotely between any network devices together. The adapter make use of your in-house power circuit to transforms into a high speed wireless broadband and network backbone for transmission of digital data, voice, audio and video. In this way, the adapter allows me to connect my internet camera wireless without short chain the bandwidth performance of my DSL network. The model which I purchase is Shiro HL109E as showed on the right. I believe there may be some similar product available.However, so far only this product offer the Powerline Networking up to 200Mbps.    
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