Transatlantic Airliner Bomb Plot Hunt For Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab’s Accomplices In uk

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10 Responses to “Transatlantic Airliner Bomb Plot Hunt For Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab’s Accomplices In uk”

  1. John Scott Says:

    hw bout the white men opressing n imposing christianity upon whole nations, is tht what the bible preaches? well, not directly, but people may twist n manipulate words to the xtent tht they reflect their selfish agendas. this is wht terrorists in the name of islam are doing.
    no holy scripture preaches destruction but srves as a guideline 4 morality. the koran n the bible r similar and tell the same stories. of course there are fundamental diffrces.racism and prejudice reveal ur lack of eductn

  2. John Scott Says:

    please don’t speak like that. i am a muslim and what this guy try it to so is very against Islam. in you islam you can only kill in battle and that’s the guilty ones not the innocents.

  3. John Scott Says:

    No, it has nothing to do with islam or muslims. Do some more homework and educate yourself by investigating these things. ‘THEY’ want you to make believe it’s religious or any of same sort.
    Please educate yourself first!

  4. John Scott Says:

    @ifycammy @ifycammy
    am wid u bro am a muslim myself but i’ve lost a lot faith in islam but think terrorists claim they are muslims but do they really belong in islam no terrorism is lyk a new religeon for people hu want war islam does not want that but in your case i can see why u sed that because muslims are alwayz on newz

  5. John Scott Says:

    abuub40, May God Almighty in Heaven who created everything but that allah u worhip have mercy on you. I hope USA will jail this umar or whatever his name life sentence, so that he will smell his ass before he will die and that will send a clear message to those who is trying to do so

  6. John Scott Says:

    Abuub40..Me join Islam,ha ha ha ha ha i hope you are not kidding me,,is like asking me to join terrorists….lets be real here how many times has muslims hit the street and protest against the Talibans and suicide bombers using Islam as their inspiration..go to musque and you hear imams preaching kill kill kill kill…..

  7. John Scott Says:

    @ifycammy i will not ague with you bcos you dont know wat you are talking about,is clear you are following the wrong path i invite you to come and join islam the door are open for you siting there worshiping three gods will not help you out so left to you to decide but dont forget the way

  8. John Scott Says:

    Please go to The End Run and check out an article on emerging information about the attempted detriot bombing, titled Another Buried Christmas Day Arrest Uncovered.

  9. John Scott Says:

    Muslims are all terrorist..ISLAM is founded by satan the father of destruction

  10. John Scott Says:

    Good.European protested for Iraq war.

    Actually there are groups doing wrong in the name of Islam, like crusade fought by Church in the name of Christianity.
    some groups want revenge,because of American and Europe policies against Muslims.they takes advantage of these policies.


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