Is the Only Way to Secure a Mobile Device to Power it Off? Ask Codenomicon at the 2008 Wireless & Mobile Expo and Conference

Is the Only way to Secure a Mobile Device to Power it off? Ask Codenomicon at the 2008 Wireless & Mobile Expo and Conference
June 03, 2008 – Toronto, Canada – Codenomicon will answer this question during their feature presentation at the upcoming 2008 Wireless & Mobile Expo and Conference, scheduled on July 15 & 16, 2008 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.
Modern smartphones and PDA’s dramatically expand the potential weaknesses hackers can use to attack and break the security of the device. One stereotypical attack is by crafting and sending malformed data packets that are intended to cause harm. Today’s mobile devices provide a rich set of targets for this. There are VoIP capabilities, web browsers, audio and video players, business cards (vCard), underlying IP infrastructure and much more. These attack vectors are made easily accessible with the integration of wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Indeed, the wireless technologies can be used for carrying the upper layer attack, or they can be attacked themselves, in some cases rendering the device capable of rebooting only after the re-flashing.
This presentation will explore the real-world attack vectors of mobile devices and provide case studies of how these vectors can be exploited to bring the device down. Speaker Mikko Varpiola will peer into a crystal ball to see what new challenges emerging technologies, like WiMAX or expanded SIM card usage may bring. Attendees will learn how these public and vulnerable interfaces can be hardened against these types of attacks by fighting fire with fire: subjecting device to rigorous preemptive negative testing that employs the same tactics as an attacker would.
Mikko Varpiola is security researcher and expert on negative vulnerability testing and model-based fuzzing. Before co-founding Codenomicon he was a key researcher at a globally recognized security testing research group, Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG). As a member of OUSPG he has been actively participating on development of secure programming practices and automation of software security testing.
The Wireless Mobile Expo and Conference will bring into light the latest products and solutions that brought appreciable revolution in the worlds approach to the technology in the Wireless and Mobile service industry, such as Enterprise Wireless Networking, Wi-Fi, Mobile Convergence, Bluetooth, WiMax, Wireless Broadband, Mobile Devices, Wireless Security, Mobile Computing, VoIP and much more.
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