Fox News: Should Guns Be Allowed on Campus?

Fox News asks the question should guns be allowed on college campuses in Texas, goes over the basic information, and briefly interviews sccc’s Mike Guzman. **Note** Judge Napolitano is mistaken about the facts of the 1966 University of Texas sniper attack. It is true that numerous students and faculty members retrieved hunting rifles from campus housing and vehicles and returned fire on the sniper, forcing him to keep his head down for over seventy minutes while an armed civilian and two police officers stormed the top of the bell tower where he’d taken position. However, contrary to Judge Napolitano’s statement, it was actually one of the police officers, not the civilian, who shot and killed the assailant.

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10 Responses to “Fox News: Should Guns Be Allowed on Campus?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    yeah, why don’t you give me proof of that. i have already given you internet proof that is from a news organization. YOU are pulling the percentages out of your ass. “georgia has had more murders!” got proof? “Australia is much safer than the U.S!” got proof? i have proof to back up my claims.

    in case you missed it: geoffmetcalf com/guncontrol_20010302 html

    congrats for proving that you are an idiot again.

  2. John Scott Says:

    @gameragodzilla well done for pulling a percentage out of your ass….guns have always been band in australia!!! btw i have been living in georgia for the last 3 months and there has been more murders in the last 3 months in georgia than australia has witnessed in the last 10 years!! theres a reason why these countries have strict gun laws

  3. John Scott Says:

    congratulations: you just made a fool of yourself by trying to defend gun control laws that do not work at all (and actually increase crime, for that matter), and proving to everyone on the internet that you know jack shit about your own country.

  4. John Scott Says:

    in case you don’t trust me: geoffmetcalf com/guncontrol_20010302 html

    put dots where the spaces are.

  5. John Scott Says:

    Actually, I made a mistake. The 300% isn’t overall crime, it’s homicides. That’s pretty bad. Gun crimes might go down, but overall crime goes up. Gun control keeps law abiding citizens from defending themselves, NOT keeping criminals from causing crimes (you really think a crminal is actually going to follow the law?)

  6. John Scott Says:

    You did the exact thing other idiots have done: go by population instead of percentages. There are less people in England and Australia. Also, Detroit has very strict gun laws, so you just proved my point. In fact, overall crime rose UP in Australia the day they implemented the gun ban. Overall crime went up almost 300%Same goes for England. Crime went UP nearly 400%. Just because you didn’t experience them doesn’t mean they don’t happen. I. Have not had any crime happen to me in gun-crazy USA.

  7. John Scott Says:

    @leigh2490 dont even bother mate! these people are to norrow minded to debate with 🙂

  8. John Scott Says:

    @gameragodzilla you have no idea what you are talking about!!! im from australia and there are no gun deaths at all! as a matter a fact there are more gun deaths in detroit than both england and australia!!! you really need to get your facts straight or actually go to one of these countries mentioned before making such stupid comments!!! btw thank you for making my day you have given me and my friends a good laugh 🙂

  9. John Scott Says:

    i wish i could take a gun to my university
    i go to a university that is a couple feet away from the border, bullets have actually hit our rec center because of the violence across the border that day classes were canceled i remember hearing grenades pop and ak’s shooting .. i just hauled ass to my car and got the f*** out of there lol true story

  10. John Scott Says:

    When the cops come for my guns……..I’LL GIVE THEM BULLETS!!


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