Honeywell / ADT Local security system?

I recently got a Honeywell security system installed in my home. I didn’t get the monitored service. I only have the local install which sounds an alarm if a window or door is opened when armed.

Anyone know what the alarm sounds like (how loud)? How long does it sound for if tripped? Will your neighbors be pissed if you arm it, go on vacation, and it is tripped?

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2 Responses to “Honeywell / ADT Local security system?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    These are questions that should have been answered by the company that installed the system. To test the system, arm it,allow the exit delay to time out, then open a door or window.Alarm siren should sound. Disarm the system after test and clear any alarm memory. The alarm will sound anywhere from one to 30 min. depending which option the installer programmed. If there is anything you dont understand about your security system, you should call the company that installed it and demand that they come back and answer all your questions. That should have been part of their service.

  2. John Scott Says:

    you have n/o n/c devices maybe infered senors
    alarms are rated by noise decible
    they can retset after 30sec.
    easy way set the alarm off .
    before going away.
    then you you will know what is happening


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