Bring It Home – Episode 1

In this Texas A&M University program, Dr. David mcintyre, director of the Integrative Center for Homeland Security, brings in guest speakers to examine the definitions of Homeland Security and strategy from historical, comparative and analytical perspectives. Brian Linn, professor of history at Texas A&M, discusses his book which parallels the Philippine War to the current War in Iraq. Jim Olson, senior lecturer at the Bush School of Government and Public Services at Texas A&M, speaks about his work as a former CIA interrogator. Director of the Public Service Leadership Program Joseph Cerami leads an exercise on international negotiation. Also, learn about geospatial technologies and their vast implications as Daniel Sui, professor of geography at Texas A&M, covers this topic. Finally, Alyssa Stephens, operations officer at the Integrative Center for Homeland Security, discusses Ten Key Challenges for Improving Homeland Security and Reorganizing US Intelligence.

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One Response to “Bring It Home – Episode 1”

  1. John Scott Says:

    Or How to sell an ever growing police-state.

    It’s all for your security. (we’re told all the time)

    Give up a lot of freedom, for a bit more of security.


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