Eiilm University (mauritius Branch Campus) – First Private University Branch Campus in Mauritius

imageAt EIILM University, we continually strive to bring about a transformation in our students with a view to enhancing knowledge and career-skills of all the students. At this University, we aim to provide our students with unique learning environment to achieve both employability and qualifications. BENEFITS

A key focus at EIILM UniversityOver the years EIILM Group has an excellent track record of placing students in leading multinational and national corporations. Since its inception, the placement story has a number of glorious moments fulfilling students’ desires and meeting the mission.The Group continuously carries on extensive research through detailed interactions with CEO’s/Managers of large and small industries, Multi National Corporations and major associations like Cll, AIIMA, FICCI, PHD and local chambers of commerce to find out what gets students good jobs. The research has thrown up the following:Life SkillsAn interesting factor that the research has shown is that pure academic skills, alone, are not enough to get students good jobs. Employers are looking for Motivation, Sincerity, Team spirit. Hard work and Reliability apart from leadership qualities and entrepreneurial mind set.Companies want their potential employees to have a pleasing personality, good communication skills, patience, tolerance, appreciation, tact, efficiency, literacy, awareness. These essentials are what EIILM University terms as “Life Skills” and aims to teach as a compulsory subject during every semester to all the students Good InternshipsUniversity BrandingImportant for final Placements: EIILM University’s quarterly system wherein the student will do three quarters of academics and one quarter of Field Training and Internships focuses on giving maximum practical exposure to the students. EIILM University thus aims to place its students with industries throughout the year for on-the-spot learning.A key to getting and retaining jobs: Branding is applicable not just to consumer products. A University Brand also brings instant awareness in the minds of public and HR Managers about your perceived qualities and abilities.The EIILM Group’s branding through its A+ quality, modern academic system, career-skills and its positioning as one of the top most leading Educational institution in the country will automatically ensure that the University students will be short-listed and called for the interview. At EIILM, every member of the faculty and staff proposes to work closely with industry to get our students the best jobs (interim and final) that are in line with their skills.The EIILM University nametag will necessarily open many doors for potentially great jobs.At EIILM getting our students great jobs is a responsibility that we take very seriously. It is our raison d’être.

LIBRARY INFO To help the Library provide a satisfactory service to all its users, it has been necessary to draw up rules and regulations. Use of the library is therefore conditional upon the rules being obeyed. The Campus Librarian is authorized to maintain good order in the library and may exclude from it or suspend from its use any reader who breaks these rules. Members of the library are empowered to require readers to comply with the rules. Serious or persistent breaches of the rules may be reported to the Campus Principal for consideration within the terms of the appropriate university disciplinary procedures.MembershipMembership of the University Library and access to its services are open to all full-time and part-time students, and to Academic, Research and Administrative staff of the university.SecurityStudents are required to carry their valid student identity card and must produce to enter the library.The I.D. card may be used only by the member to whom it is issued. Users are responsible for material taken out on their cards and will be required to pay for any damage to or loss of material borrowed.The removal of any material from the Library must be properly authorized and recorded. All readers leaving the library must show at the exit point all books, periodicals, etc. in their possession. Unauthorized removal of material shall constitute a serious offense.No bags, brief cases or parcels may be brought inside the library. These may be left with the bag check attendants at the entrance. The University accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to any article left.Behaviour in the LibrarySilence is required in the Library. Persons causing unnecessary disturbance may be required to leave.Food and drink should not be brought or consumed into the library. Smoking and flirting are strictly forbidden in the library. The use of cellular telephone is not allowed. Readers must not mark, deface or damage any book or any other library material or furniture. Computing FacilitiesComputer laboratories equipped with Internet access constitute an integral part of every campus. We provide a network of pentium 4 machines adequately matched and supported by a host of printers, scanners, modems and other peripherals.ServicesThe library provides other facilities such as: Photocopying and binding Printing – black and white or colour Scanning and CD writing Research on the internet

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