Introduction to Video Surveillance Cameras

imageVideo surveillance cameras in the form of closed circuit television were first used in 1942 in Germany. It was first installed by German engineer of Siemens AG at Test Stand VII to monitor any cause of malfunction or problems from V-2 rocket launches. Some surveillance cameras are installed directly on the rockets to monitor the different stages of the launch and it uses radio transmission to transmit back to base the video images.             Today the technology of video surveillance cameras is used for different purposes. It can be for crime prevention, industrial observation or traffic watch. They can be installed anywhere and everywhere like banks, casinos, offices, airports, government buildings and other locations which need vital protection. Video surveillance cameras are invaluable tools to post crisis and post crime investigations as it was proven by the July 7 London Underground attacks wherein a close circuit television video surveillance camera was able to capture the picture of a suspect in the attack. Because of its usefulness, governments opt to use them more in public places in order to prevent more crimes. In the United Kingdom, they have one camera for every 14 people. The United States is starting to do the same however it is smudged in debates and controversies.             There are those who are for the use of video surveillance cameras in public places in order to prevent crime. On the other hand there are those who oppose it because they say it violates the rights of every citizen for privacy and it violates the Fourth Amendment which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. For those who support the use of video surveillance cameras they say that the need for public safety weighs more compared to the need for privacy. However, for those who would want to protect themselves it is now easy to purchase a video surveillance system for small offices or even homes.             Home surveillance cameras are actually hot commodities today due to the rise of security concerns especially in the United States after the cowardly terrorist attacks in September 11 of 2001. There are different home video surveillance cameras for the consumers interested in protecting their love ones and property.             There are wired surveillance cameras for permanent installation. These cameras cannot be relocated and are useful for important locations. These surveillance cameras however need professional help in order to be installed. Then there are wireless surveillance cameras which are the exact opposite of the wires cameras. Wireless video surveillance cameras do not need any professional to install and almost anyone can do it. These cameras can also be relocated anytime and anywhere so that it can cover every inch of the property. This can transmit either to television or computer systems. Then there are the spy or covert surveillance cameras. These are very popular since it can be hidden almost anywhere. From wall clocks to ornaments in the house, these small cameras can be placed anywhere and away from anyone’s view so that they do not know they are being watched.
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