Quinnipiac University – reviews?

Looking for a student(s) reviews of Qunnipiac University… ideally would get a large review like CollegeProwler provides (but doesn’t for this university). So here are a few questions…

– I’ve been reading a few reviews which say the housing is quite bad. However, when I visited I believe they said they were building more? So what is the current housing situation and would you say it’s poor/OK/good/great?

-Another matter that I’m concerned about is diversity. From what I’ve read the general student body doesn’t seem very diverse and also sounds pretty close-minded? How are students towards political/religious/ethnicity/sexual orientation differences?

– A few reviews complained of the lack of “stuff to do”.. however, don’t free shuttles run into New Haven during the week too? I saw that they run until 1am on Sun-Wed and 3am Thurs-Sat (or something similar). Having some type of a music scene is pretty important to me, so I’m quite glad that New Haven has Toad’s Place…. also being within reach of NY/Providence/Boston is a major draw for me.

– I’m looking to possibly major in their “Interactive Digital Design” – anyone who takes this or a similar major, has it been what you expected and are you happy with it?

Anything else that you’d like to add!! Food, dorms, campus, security… anything and everything thank you!

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One Response to “Quinnipiac University – reviews?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    Quinnipiac is not really close to anything which is why people feel isolated and stranded there. Boston is 2 hours away and NYC is nearly 2 hours. New Haven is quite rough not a destination by any stretch. Not a rich school it is lacking in facilities what you would get at richer schools like Ivy League and Patriot League schools which have much more $$$ to work with..

    As an example, Quinnipiac has 7500 total student population and an endowment of $223 million.

    Holy Cross has only 2800 students but endowment of $660 million.


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