Inside the 5Linx Compensation Plan: Learn How to Optimize and Gain Maximum Benefit in your Network Marketing Business Starting Today

imageInside the 5LINX Compensation PlanThe 5LINX compensation plan…how does it work?    Starting out:The new rep starts at one of two levels: a Customer Representative, with an enrollment fee of $99, or as an Independent Marketing Representative (IMR), with an enrollment fee of $499. What’s the difference? If the rep wants to upgrade to the higher-level IMR, he can do so by paying the additional $400 difference in enrollment cost within his first 30 days, or by securing 20 active customers and sponsoring a qualified IMR. The IMR has to secure and maintain a minimum of four active customers.Customers:There are two kinds of customers: Select Customers, for which the rep receives a one-time commission, and Residual Customers, for which the rep receives monthly payments as long as the customer remains with the company.Income Levels:For a rep to rise to the top, he must pass through 5LINX’s five income levels.  Each level requires achieving and maintaining income goals. After the entrance levels, Executive Trainer is the first higher level, followed by Executive Director, National Director, Senior Vice President, and finally, the Platinum Senior Vice President. Each level requires an increasing number of customers, increased lines in the rep’s organization, increased Residual customers, and completion of each training stage of 5LINX University.Commissions:Commissions can be earned in a variety of ways: Personal Commission (personally acquire the customer), Open-Line Commission (based on the acquisition of customers by the reps at a lower level than you, in your organization), and Generational Commission (same, but based on reps who are at your same level in your organization).Bonuses:A variety of bonus payouts exist:Bounty bonuses: A one-time payment upon acquiring a Select customer, anywhere from 5% (common) to 80% (rare) of the commission value.Residual Income: Paid every month as long as the customer retains the service (from 5% to 75% of the commission value).Monthly Customer Bonus Pool: Five dollars is added to the bonus pool for every Select customer added that month.Customer Acquisition Bonus: This is earned when the rep helps a newly sponsored IMR get qualified by acquiring a minimum of four customers in their first 30 days.Open Line Bonuses: Paid when the rep’s organization is producing multiple IMRs each month (payout can be anywhere from $100 to $2,000).Monthly Revenue Bonus Pools: Ten dollars is added to the bonus pool for every qualified IMR in that month. Platinum Bonus Pool: Twenty dollars is added for every qualified IMR, plus an amount for residual billing. For a beginning, or even experienced rep, reaching these goals can be a little daunting at times. What do you do after you’ve signed up all your friends, your family, your family’s family, your gym members, the PTA, and your colleagues? But still, every rep wants—and needs–to reach those bonus and commission levels!This is when growing your marketing expertise is so important. Learning how to attract and target people who want what you have to offer—it’s completely possible as long as you have the right marketing tools, updated skills, and appropriate training.
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