Who is a good alarm monitoring company for commerical accounts in Minneapolis?

I am looking at bids for a commercial alarm/controlled entry system. If you know of someone and have had a good experience please let me know their company name and contact info.

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One Response to “Who is a good alarm monitoring company for commerical accounts in Minneapolis?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    I used to work for Honeywell security until I was transferred to their corporate offices and the company was then acquired by another firm out of New Jersey so I am no longer with the company.

    But while I WAS working with the private and commercial alarm accounts, I can say that they were VERY good. If there was ever a snafu, it was usually the police responding to a call from us asking for them to investigate. (Like the bank who had the chief of police at the bank on a Sunday to check the alarms and waited and waited and waited for a squad to respond to the call.)

    What I WILL say to you is make sure your contact list–the people that are to be called when an alarm trips–are ready, willing and able to respond too–like at 3am when that alarms goes off. Also give specific instructions (with ANY company that you choose) when an alarm goes off. For example: If an alarm goes off and it re-set, don’t bother call list–unless there is no call in from the site/person tripping the alarm.

    All I can do is give you the web site, but if you have questions, you can always e-mail me!


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