Drexel University students going to Upenn for social life?

I am gonna go to Drexel, but I heard about Upenn being only a 10 minute walk away and has a much better social life. So is it possible to visit Upenn every so often? Like does security not allow that?

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One Response to “Drexel University students going to Upenn for social life?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    Both Drexel and U. Penn have campuses that are open to the city, meaning that you can just walk there and there are no gates or anything. The social scene mostly happens in fraternity houses and student apartments, and of course those are open to whomever the residents invite to come in.

    By the way, Drexel’s social scene isn’t so bad. There’s plenty to do. Once you start, you’ll realize that there’s no reason to go to Penn for parties.


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