Pacific Union College?

If any of you plan on transfering to Pacific Union College, I would think twice If I were you. My sister goes there, and she’s not happy there at all! The policies that this college institutes is just ridiculous. You have a curfew everyday at 11pm. There’s always someone who has a key to your dorm room and they open your dorm room in the middle of the night and flash a light on your face to see if your there, I call that invasion of privacy. Whether you bring mom/dad, brothers or sisters into the dorm, the people always say, “sorry we have to get approval from the dean before they can go to your dorm room.” I mean my god why do need approval from the dean if your bringing your sister, brother, mom/dad! I went with my sister to her dorm room, & the person was staring at the security camera the entire time. The people here are weird and trust nobody! You also need approval from the dean before you can go home! They wont let you leave campus if you go somewhere else besides home!

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One Response to “Pacific Union College?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for the heads up. However thi isn;t really a LGBT question is it? It’s more like a rant…


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