How come so many business invest in security surveillance systems that can not identify someone?

It seems like I am always viewing these images from security cameras on TV or on the internet and a person commiting a crime will be standing only a few meters away and yet you can barely see their face. I looked up these cameras on the internet and they are also expensive. Whats the deal? Also what is better dome cameras or the other normal looking ones?

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2 Responses to “How come so many business invest in security surveillance systems that can not identify someone?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    Faulty expectations. If the camera was bought to replace a live person to positivly identify someone, it was bought for the wrong purpose. If it is used as an extra set of eyes for someone who is monitoring all activity, then it is used properly. The dome cameras are simply standard cameras housed in a dome so no one knows where it is pointed and will not be as distrubing to see compared to a bunch of cameras pointing at you.

  2. John Scott Says:

    You make a really good point. But a big part of it is peace of mind.

    But they can be an advantage. We had one customer that could access his business security cameras from home. So when we called with an alarm, he’d turn on his cameras. Even if he couldn’t see the persons face he could get a description of the person that could immediately be advised to the police.

    Also most people can recognize someone they know so if an employee or friend were stealing, chances are the owner would know it from watching the cameras.


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