Campus Security Part 1 of 2

A day in the life of two security guards on the Sydney University campus.

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8 Responses to “Campus Security Part 1 of 2”

  1. John Scott Says:

    thats sydney uni and no they are not campus security, just a couple of smart arse students

  2. John Scott Says:


  3. John Scott Says:


  4. John Scott Says:

    I wasn’t aware you had this kind of humor. This is the kind of shit i love.
    “I just wana be Andy” hahaha

  5. John Scott Says:

    hahaha “i’m from sydney you dick head!”

  6. John Scott Says:


    this is hilarious

  7. John Scott Says:

    lol pushin it a bit far haha

  8. John Scott Says:

    Really funny. I liked this one, particularly the ‘incident’ with the Sikh. Hilarious!


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