How did Condi Rice land a job as national security advisor for Bush, given her resume?

She has a history of an academic career, working as the provost of standford university……….she was a professor of political science and academic administrator. That doesn’t sound like that would land her a job as a national security advisor. What foreign policy credentials did she have?

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10 Responses to “How did Condi Rice land a job as national security advisor for Bush, given her resume?”

  1. John Scott Says:

    how did obama get elected given his resume

  2. John Scott Says:

    Yes, she was Stanford provost and a Political Science Prof. But her specialty in Political Science was the Soviet Union and she was one of the top experts in the country on the Soviet Union.

  3. John Scott Says:

    Bush thought Russia was going to be his biiggest problem and she speaks Russian.

  4. John Scott Says:

    I really wish this lady had run for president , she would certainly have had my vote , while Obama did not . She is extremely candid , up to date on world affairs , and she is vocal about her beliefs and she will give him a much stronger cabinet .

  5. John Scott Says:

    She’s not a National Security Advisor , she’s the Secretary of State. They are entirely different job descriptions. You don’t have to have any credentials for an appointed post other than being a U.S. citizen with no criminal record.

  6. John Scott Says:

    I don’t care for Condi, but the woman is quite intelligent. And the Dummy needed at least ONE intelligent person by his side lol. Its just such a shame that she fell for what he was selling. And she can also run circles around Paling, and Billary with her intelligence. Youuuuuuu betcha!

  7. John Scott Says:

    Your information is incorrect. Condoleezza Rice has not only worked in the world of academia. She has experience with foreign affairs under former President George H.W. Bush’s (the current president’s father) Administration. Rice served as Senior Director over Soviet and Eastern European Affairs around 1989-1991.

    Hmm. It’s always a good idea to check out the facts first, aye?

  8. John Scott Says:

    What qualifications does Hillary Clinton have for the same job?

  9. John Scott Says:

    According to many sources, Condi Rice was brought in to teach George Bush about world issues so he could run for president.

    And Bush was all about “Loyal Bushies” when he handed out appointments.

  10. John Scott Says:

    Prior to becoming a Bush member she worked for Exxon. That should explain it all. Political payback.


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